Edinburgh Curveballs

Edinburgh Curveballs

Your local, social LGBTQ+ squash, tennis and padel group.


Join Edinburgh Curveballs to get cheaper rates at our events and other benefits!

Membership gets you at least £2 discount on each event, so can be earned back by coming along to just 8 sessions in the year.

Squash playing socialising in the Auld Hoose pub
Players socialising in the clubhouse at Dean Tennis and Squash Club

2024 membership

Membership for 2024 is £15 for the year.

If you join mid-year, we will discount the membership by £1 for each month that has fully elapsed.
E.g. if you join in mid-May, you will pay £15 - £4 = £11.

Become a member

To become a member, please fill out our membership form and pay the membership fee.