Edinburgh Curveballs

Edinburgh Curveballs

Your local, social LGBTQ+ squash, tennis and padel group.


Padel is like a mix of squash and tennis. It's played in an enclosed court - slightly smaller than a tennis court - which means the ball can be played off the walls in a similar way to squash. Being a covered court, it also means we can play in all weathers.

We welcome players of any ability level - from total beginners to seasoned pros - for fun and friendly games.

Player playing Padel at Thistle Padel


We play weekly on Wednesday evenings at Thistle Padel , followed by optional social drinks nearby.

To sign up for upcoming events, join our Spond club.

Play Padel


What equipment do I need?
Padel bats (or rackets) and balls are all provided.
What should I wear?
Stuff you can move around in, and shoes with good grip. The courts are covered, but you are exposed to the wind a bit too - hopefully on colder days you will get moving and warm up quickly though.
How many people can play padel?
Padel is always played with 4 people - 2 on each side.
How is padel scored?
Padel uses the same scoring method as tennis.
How else does padel differ from tennis?
Serves are always underhand and must be at or below waist level, however further shots can get much more exciting - especially with the side walls in play!
Why are there two events each Wednesday?
There is a 7-8pm and a 8-9pm slot. You can book to play on either or both - depending on how much of a runaround you fancy.
Is there coaching available?
Yes! We have a coach who runs the 8pm session on the first Wednesday of each month. The coaching fees are already covered, you only need to cover the cost of standard play.