Edinburgh Curveballs

Edinburgh Curveballs

Your local, social LGBTQ+ squash, tennis and padel group.


We welcome players of any ability level - from total beginners to seasoned pros - for fun and friendly games.

Your first time coming along to one of our events is free. After that, we charge per-event you attend. You can also become a member for a year, which gives you cheaper rates at our events.

To see our events, join our Spond club.


We manage all our events and communications to members through Spond .

Spond is a free app that allows you to see and sign up to our events.

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I am a total beginner. Can I still play?
Of course! We are more than happy to show you the ropes and get you hitting.
Do I have to be a Curveballs member to play?
No, but Curveballs members get cheaper rates at our events and we love them 10% more.
What equipment do I need to bring?
Check out the description of the event on Spond - but we normally have some spare rackets and balls.
Do you do coaching?
We will offer tips and advice during games, but our sessions are more social focussed. We do have a couple of coaches who are members who you can organise private sessions with.


How much does it cost to play?
Your first event is free! After that, the cost is listed on the event on Spond. We try to make events as affordable as possible. Curveballs members always get a cheaper rate.
How do I become a member?
See becoming a member.
How do I pay?
See payment details.


Do I have to use Spond to play with the club?
Managing these events is a lot of work for our volunteers, and we have found that Spond makes it much easier. We are also able to get a better idea of how many people are coming to each event, which helps us plan.
Do I have to download the Spond app to join the club?
You can also use the web app, but we recommend the mobile app for getting notifications of invites to events.
I am only interested in one or two of the sports. Can I just get invites for them?
Yes. All our events are grouped by sport, and we can add or remove you from a particular sport. Just send us a message!
Can I reduce the number of notifications I get?
You can change the notification settings in the app, by tapping on your user icon and then tapping "Push notifications". You can also ask us to remove you from any sports you don't want invites to, and if you decline an invite to an event you also will not get pinged with any comments or updates to it.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.